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Military Fuses no 11, 16, 18, 20, Polymer coated fuse.Delay Timer Fuse for 4 seconds and 7 seconds delay. Commercial Fuses for dry and wet blasting, Poly Coated for use in water logged areas. Visco Fuse for Firework Industry and Pyrotechnics.

Narendra and Company is manufacturing various types of safety fuses for more than 4 decades now. Our product range include asphalt coated safety fuse for commercial blasting in dry and wet locations, specialized fuses for military use as per defense specifications for which we have the distinction of being the sole suppliers to the Ministry of Defense for last 20 years. We also manufacture fuse for pyrotechnic products for use in fireworks.

Safety fuse essentially is a cord of jute and cotton yarn wound together with a core of black powder. Commercial safety fuse is coated with bitumen and has a polypropylene film wound inside to protect the black powder from moisture.

The following types of safety fuses are available with us:

DDStudiosCommercial Safety Fuse: For blasting with ordinary detonators and used for well blasting, rock or quarry blasting etc. The burning speed of safety fuse is 100 +/- 10 seconds per meter. The fuse has a diameter of 4.6 to 5 mm and is black or blue in color and is available in the following packing : 50 coils of 10 meters each totaling 500 meters, packed in one fiber board carton having dimensions 12’ x 12’ x 13” and weighing 10 kgs. Safety fuse can also be coated with PVC to give extra protection from moisture.

DDStudiosMilitary Safety Fuse: We manufacture safety fuse to Indian Defense specifications with burning speeds from 87 seconds to 173 seconds per meter having diameters between 4.8 mm to 5.6 mm.

Visco Fuse: We manufacture Visco or fireworks fuse with diameters ranging from 1.6 mm to 2.8 mm and burning speed from 100+/- 10 seconds per meter to 130+/-10 seconds per meter. Visco fuse has the following packing 1000 lengths of 1 meters packed in one polythene tube and 10 such tubes packed in one fiber board carton. Total quantity of fuse per carton is 10,000 meters. The dimensions of carton are : 41” x 12” x 9” and a weight of 40 kgs.