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DDStudiosEnergy charge containers, tube horseshoe type etc for packing propellants. Energy charge horse shoe containers, tubes for packing propellants.
Available for 51mm, 60mm, 81mm &120mm

Totally combustible: The containers are manufactured from celluloid Nitrate Sheet with a thickness of 0.13 +/- 0.02mm, are totally combustible and leave a negligible residue.

Greater Strength: The sheet is reinforced with nylon net to give greater strength, stability of shape and durability to the product. The reinforced sheet combines thermo-plastic and better mechanical properties to the container which does not wear while filling of charge or while mounting on the mortar fin.

Water proof: The container is totally waterproof and is subjected to leak test to ensure no ingress of moisture from the atmosphere takes place .The periphery walls of the containers can be turned over to give added security from leakage on the joining walls of the two halves of the containers

Withstand temperature and terrain changes: The containers are being used from snowbound mountains and desert terrains successfully for years without complaints of any brittleness even onlong duration storage.

Adhere to specifications: The containers are manufactured to conform strictly to Indian Joint Service Specifications

Transparent: The containers are made of transparent film ensuring propet filling of propellant charge at the filling station

It can be reinforced with nylon net to offer excellent durability and stability.