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Black Powder is the oldest explosive and has in been in use for centuries, both for civil and military purposes. Though, over the years many forms of new explosives have been invented it is still used in numerous ways. It is used as blasting powder in winning large undamaged blocks of stones like marble, granite etc. It is used in production of safety fuses, pyrotechnic products, hunting and sporting ammunition and for military purposes.


DDStudiosBlack powder detonates only if it is well enclosed or initiated by a strong impulse. The speed with which Black Powder burns is between 400 to 600 m/s.

he standard Black Powder is a well homogenized mechanical mixture of potassium
nitrate (75%), sulphur (10%) and charcoal (15%). Properties of individual Black Powder types are determined by the chemical composition, density, granulation and polishing.

epending on the purpose of use, polishing with or without graphite is performed.


There are various types of Black Powder available with us, viz :

DDStudiosBBlasting Powder: Blasting Powder inserted into drill holes does not detonate violently but burns releasing gases which create sufficient pressure on the walls to crack without excessive crushing.For this property Blasting Powder is used for winning of big, uncracked and undamaged blocksof stone like marble, granite etc.

Fuse Powder: Black Powder is indispensable for production of safety fuse. Burning time within the fuse is between 90 seconds to 150 seconds per meter. Burning time can be fixed as per requirement also.

Fireworks Powder:  Different types of Pyrotechnic Powders are produced depending on the requirement. The powders vary in chemical composition, granular size, burning speed etc.

Shooting Powder : Hunting powders for filling of hunting, mainly of small shot cartridges. Due to high quality our shooting powder is also used for production of cartridges for testing of weapons. Shooting powder is mainly used for filling hunting cartridges and muzzle loading weapons.



Military Powders: We manufacture all types of black powders for the Indian Military as per their specifications. These include granulated, mealed and sulphurless powders.

Special Powder: We also undertake production of special powders as per the requirements of the customer.

Packing: 25 kgs of Black Powder is packed in special anti static Polythene bags followed by cloth bag and finally in a wooden case.

Classification: International transport classifications of are as :

IMDG: Code Page 1113
Class: 1
Division: 1.1
Compatibility Group: D
UN No: 0027
Digit No: 4